Business Intelligence

Retail In-Store Dashboard Reports for Traffic (People Count & Weather), Demographics (Age & Gender), Customer Pathway (Heat Maps), Interest Zones (Dwell Time) a...

Parking Lot Management

Operational Management

Combines data from multiple license plate recognition servers and enables blacklists and whitelist license plates notifications. Advanced search functionalities...

Fleet Management
Logistics ,Field Service, Public Transportation

Operational Management

For logistics, Fleet Management system to keep track of all of your vehicle units, assign routes and get video in real time. For Public Transportation, Fleet Ma...

Reporting and Event Management
Service Assurance

Operational Management

Monitor a process that has multiple stages and keep evidence that can be easily searchable.

Map Based Incident Management System

Operational Management

System Health Management

System Management

Dashboard to monitor the system status of your NVRs and Cameras with customized KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and notifications.